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We are pleased to present the Program for the conference, including: 

- 18 Keynotes

- 87 Oral Presentations

- 3 Training

- 5 Panels

- 24 Poster Pitch Presentations

- 12 Technology Demonstrations

- 30 Posters

3-day Conference - up to 21.5 CPD Points 

Tuesday 10th October - 7.5 CPD Points

Wednesday 11th October - 7 CPD Points

Thursday 12th October - 7 CPD Points

ITRC Training - up to 12 CPD Points 

Friday 13th October Morning - 6 CPD Points 

Friday 13th October Afternoon - 6 CPD Points 


Meeting the Challenges for a Sustainable Future

Theme 1: Emerging and Emerged Contaminants and Future Challenges

Theme 2: Contaminated Land and Groundwater Breaking News: You heard it here first!

Theme 3: Policy and Regulation: Getting ahead of the Problem

Theme 4: Natural Disasters, Catastrophic Events and Post Conflict Contaminant Management 

Theme 5: Addressing Contamination in Consultation with Traditional Owners and Tangata Whenua

Theme 6: Groundwater Remediation and Management

Theme 7: SustRem – Net Zero, Climate Change and Adaptation

Theme 8: SustRem – Circular Economy: Avoidance, Reduction and Reuse

Theme 9: SustRem – Social Sustainability

Theme 10: SustRem – Green, Sustainable and Sustainable Resilient Remediation: What is the difference?

Theme 11: SustRem – Quantifying Sustainability: Regulatory and Industry Imperatives

Theme 12 : Early Career Land and Groundwater Professionals

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